M.A. English

One of the founding departments of Krishna University in 2008, the department of English plays a vital role in the growth of the university and contributes significantly in realizing its vision and accomplishing its mission. The basic purpose of the department is to develop the knowledge and proficiency of English language and literature among the students, thereby building their employable capacities, and to contribute to the existing body of knowledge, through various research endeavours on English language, literature and various literatures in English. It offers PG Programme in M.A(English) and Ph.D Programme in areas such as Indian English Literature, American Literature, British Literature, New Literatures, and Comparative studies.

No one can emphasize enough the importance of communication skills in English, in enhancing employability nowadays, not only for the students of English but also for those in the STEM programs. To address this need, the department collaborates with other departments by deploying its faculty, by offering open elective courses that can be opted by the students of other departments as well, and by extending the excellent resources available in its state-of-the-art language laboratory.

Ongoing lectures, film screenings, symposia, conferences, and colloquia on interdisciplinary themes are the activities of the department. In spite of being instrumental in enhancing the employability of all the students, the department envisions its eventual goal as moulding the students into well-rounded citizens, whose identity is steadfastly rooted in the local community although their outlook is unmistakably cosmopolitan. As its contribution to such a local-global symbiosis, the department is also actively involved in the ventures of translating native literatures into English.